Bilingual: English and Spanish.

aría Ocaño Zazueta
María Ocaño Zazueta is just 20 years old, and she is proud to have the opportunity to work for the Chaidez law firm as a receptionist and legal assistant since April 2014.

In this position where one of the main tasks is to answer the phone, and receive the customers, an issue that is always pleasing to her. Another important task of Mary is the translation of documents and preparation of essential documents for the courts. The areas that Maria is most involved to date are the migration and criminal areas, collaborating directly with lawyers. Maria gets more and more knowledge every day at the Chaidez law firm. Maria is always focused on providing excellent service to clients, so as to help them in any matter, Maria enjoys the power to help families with legal issues. She says, “It always makes me happy when clients come into the office, because being the receptionist and sitting alone in front, I do not have anyone in the company, other than answering the phone calls, but when clients arrive at the office Makes us so happy to know they chose us to make a difference in their lives for something better for them. ” Maria has always been very dedicated and hardworking when it comes to achieving her goals. She does not let any obstacle stand in her way, because she wants to do her best to help families along with lawyers.