Involvement in a criminal case can be stressful. The outcome could mean long-term damage to you personally and professionally.

Working with The Chaidez Law Firm will provide you with peace of mind when you need it most.

Attorney Jose Luis Chaidez has extensive experience as a prosecutor in the state of Arizona and our representation in criminal cases is steady and aggressive, and our attention is personalized and detailed.

We have extensive experience in minor offenses (misdemeanors) and major crimes (felonies) in both state and federal courts.

Our mindset is always to consider the option of going to trial if you have not obtained a favorable plea offer. Attorney Jose Luis Chaidez maintains an aggressive mindset to help ensure the best possible result.

Know that if you are working with our team you can rest easy knowing we will provide the best defense possible at a reasonable cost.

Our defense focuses on the below cases in addition to other criminal cases.

  • Disorderly conduct
  • Violent crimes and assault
  • Sexual offenses
  • Murder
  • Drug issues including either possession or sale
  • Domestic violence
  • Driving under the influence (DUI)
  • Theft
  • Fraud
  • The Chaidez Graduates have been very good to us; We have given a good service. Gladly I recommend people and have always spoken well of them. They have been very fair in how they do their work, and always do their job well. Everything went step by step in our case, all very well, in fact perfectly. We are now in the final stages. I [Jane] I am very happy with the service they have given us, and if I ever need them again gladly hire. Are excellent lawyers, in fact we are looking to hire another case ours. I would not think twice to rehire; I am very proud of them.
    – Herculaneum and Juana Marin
  • Graduates have me help in my case very well. The lawyer and his assistant Elizabeth Chaidez have treated me very well and carefully. I recommend it.
    – Armando Paredes
  • I have been a customer that the firm Chaidez am satisfied with the service you have given me until now in my case migration. Nothing to me but also to my husband, who helped us enough so that he could become a citizen. From the moment you contact them she gave me the insight that people were loyal, and I know I will not disappoint today or tomorrow.
    – Guadalupe Rodriguez
  • The deal was really great because they had me aware of how the case was going. Even before receiving response [government], I was getting letters [the Firm] warning me that I would get an answer. I highly recommend them. I am very happy, I was fully satisfied. If I wanted to say something bad about the firm could not do.
    – Ms. Lopez Padilla
  • My name is Giovanni Estrada and want to share my experience with Chaidez and associated lawyers. In 2013 my brother was arrested by Phoenix police and transferred to a federal prison on the charge of illegally entering the country reentry and then migration, facing deportation because he had been deported in 2008. The friendly staff Chaidez and associated me in case I advise and help me with the situation. It was a difficult fight but in the end not only stopped the deportation until they succeeded here in the country release on bail, the name of my brother is Israel Estrada and we are very grateful to the lawyer Jose Luis Chaidez and his team. I recommend it and I know it will help with whatever your problem.
    – Giovanni Estrada
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