The Chaidez Law Firm and our staff focus on civil and family litigation in state and municipal courts in Arizona. Our main objective in litigation is to provide a personalized and high quality service. The deep study of your case and aggressiveness to represent your interests is paramount to the success we have with clients.

Attorney Jose Luis Chaidez has litigated a number of family and civil cases and our mentality is to start solving a case in the most effective way possible, but to always consider the option of a trial.

In civil matters specifically, the main objective is to recover damages and any other incidental questions.

In family matters we have a great amount of experience in working with clients dealing with:

  • Divorce
  • Child Support
  • Custody
  • Protection orders
  • Other family matters

Similarly in our firm we focus aggressively on cross-border issues or Private International Law, mainly between the State of Arizona and the Mexican Republic. We have represented multinational corporations, small and medium enterprises as well as individuals with issues involving the laws of the State of Arizona and the Mexican Republic.

Our team includes lawyers licensed in the State of Arizona as well as in the Mexican republic, which helps provide results in excellent synergy for such cross-border cases.

We have experience working with professionals and individuals who in one way or another have been involved in one of the following areas:

  • Corporate
  • Contractural
  • Labor
  • Litigation Issues

The process of bankruptcy in US federal courts can be overwhelming for individuals and companies. For over seven years, our law firm has represented individuals and companies who, for various reasons, have needed to resort to these procedures including Chapters 7, 11 or 13. If you find yourself falling further and further behind on bills and balances or owe tremendous amounts in back taxes, all hope is not lost.

You do have options.

Our representation in this area focuses on preparation, detailed planning and aggressively representing your interests so that you can continue with your personal or business activities within a reasonable period of time.

In terms of accidents, damage and liability (personal injury) we work equally aggressively with insurers and third parties involved so that your issue is resolved as efficiently and quickly as possible. We want to ensure your outcomes are positive and you recover damage, reaching an effective solution for you.

Today, our law firm advises national companies, multinationals as well as small and medium enterprises. We focus on corporate question, contractual, real estate matters and licensing and have a team of lawyers and assistants who provide personalized customer service to meet all of the daily needs of your company.

Our firm also focuses on the creation of trusts (Living trusts) as a planning mechanism for the time a person dies. We also advise on issues and intestate succession proceedings in the State of Arizona.